Grand Prix - Prize Payout and Collecting Prizes

I won prizes in the main event (Grand Prix) of a MagicFest. How will I receive my prizes?

Wizards of the Coast is responsible for all Grand Prix main event prizing. All prizes are paid through i-Payout. You should receive an email regarding it within a few days of the weekend. If you do not, it is almost certainly because your information attached to your DCI # is out of date. 

Log into your Wizards Account at to make sure your information is up to date.

If you are having problems receiving your prizes, we recommend contacting Wizards of the Coast Customer Support.

 Learn more here: Prize Payment Announcement

What is the prize structure for the Grand Prix events?

Each one is broken up into a total prize pool listed on their respective pages. This is the breakdown for each pool.

For Quarter One Grand Prix:

MagicFest Oakland 2019 50K
MagicFest Prague 2019 65K
MagicFest New Jersey 2019 50K
MagicFest Sydney 2019 35K
MagicFest Toronto 2019 50K
MagicFest Memphis 2019 50K
MagicFest Strasbourg 2019 50K
MagicFest Cleveland 2019 50K
MagicFest Los Angeles 2019 50K
MagicFest Bilbao 2019 50K
MagicFest Tampa Bay 2019 50K
MagicFest Kyoto 2019 65K
MagicFest Calgary 2019 50K

You can check out additional information on the official Wizards of the Coast website: