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Grand Prix - Decklist submission

How can I submit my decklist for a Constructed Grand Prix?

Constructed Grand Prix Main Events will only accept Online Decklist submissions, from the Monday prior the Grand Prix until Saturday morning at 8:45AM at: 

There will be a full listing of available events to submit your decklist too, so please double check you are submitting to the correct one! 

When you submit your decklist online you'll have a confirmation screen with a deck code for later editing (if necessary) as well as a confirmation sent to the email you listed. If you need to change your decklist you can use the code to edit it or you can simply submit a new one with the same reg information. For multiple decklist submissions only the most recent submission will be used.

If you run into trouble with a submission, please let us know at 

Everyone MUST submit their decklist by 8:45AM, before the Saturday player meeting. Failure to do so, will have you receiving a Tardiness penalty for the event.

This is only for Grand Prix events. Other competitive REL events still collect paper decklists at the beginning of round 1 / player meeting.

An example of what you'll see on the decklist page. Of note- Arena imports will work if submitted as a copy/paste.


Can I give you my decklist on paper?
Nope. We will require you to submit your decklist online using our tool located at: 
We will not be collecting paper decklists onsite. There will be tablets setup to submit a decklist onsite, however it is still your responsibility to submit it before the cutoff.

I can't submit my decklist online because I don't have a any smartphone/tablet/computer with me (I also asked my friends and my hotel, and still nothing). What can I do?
We will have kiosks available on Friday at the Red Registration Stage to help you submit your decklist via our website.

Can I send my decklist by e-mail?
Nope. We will require you to submit your decklist online using our tool located at: 

Again, if you are having problem with the tool, please let us know at or submit a ticket.

What about Team Events?

Team Events also have online deck submission, however they are handled a little differently by our deck submission tool. You'll find the submissions here:

All three decklists will be submitted at once along with players and the captain's information (player B) for verification.

My submission doesn't work! What can I do?

There are two common reasons why deck submissions don't go through.

One is that there are typos in a decklist that was imported via .txt or copy / pasted. The submission tool will not recognize these as valid cards and not accept the submission. Please double check your list.

The second reason is that on occasion the tool will see an invalid split of maindeck / sideboard card. If you're sure that your submission is valid, please refresh the page and attempt to reenter the list. 

If your issues persist, please contact us by submitting a ticket so we can correct it on our end or provide proof of the issue before the event. This way if you are forced to submit a paper decklist due to technical issues you won't be penalized. 

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