Mega Last Chance Trial

What is the Mega Last Chance Trial?

It is a unique Sealed Last Chance Trial Event that happens on Friday* at 10:30, it comes with the Grand Prix playmat and this event only accepts online registration. All Mega Last Chance Trials will be Sealed. 

*For double Grand Prix Weekends, there may be Mega LCT's on Thursday & Friday!

Tournament structure is 4 Rounds - Single Elimination, and any player winning all 4 rounds will get 2 byes for the Grand Prix Main Event on Saturday!

When can I register for the Mega Last Chance Trial?

Registration for Mega Last Chance Trial will be available online on the Grand Prix website, and will close on Thursday at 9PM local time. There is no onsite registration!

What can I do if I miss the start of the Mega Last Chance Event? Could I join another Event instead?

Due to the nature of the event and the amount of players we usually have, we can only offer a refund at our Customer Service Checkin, from Friday 2PM until Sunday 8PM.