Grand Prix - Start time

When does the Grand Prix start? What if I have byes?

All our Grand Prix begin at 9 AM with a truncated player meeting going straight into round one. If you have byes you will have free Sleep in Special, so you don't need to attend until your given round. Specific bye times will be emailed out the Weds/Thurs night of the MagicFest weekend.

If you have byes at a SEALED Grand Prix: you will need to check in at our Sleep-In Special check-in station before your first round of play with enough time to build your deck. 

If you have byes at a CONSTRUCTED Grand Prix: you can show up before the recommended times.

If you do have byes, we recommend that you arrive at the venue at the following times based on your number of byes:

1 bye: 10 AM
2 byes: 11 AM
3 byes: 12 PM

As a reminder, these times are only a suggestion, and it is your responsibility to arrive with enough time to build your deck before your first round of play.

When does the Grand Prix Day 2 begin?

Day 2 starts at 9AM sharp! Make sure you get to the venue a little earlier to make sure you are not late!

How can I qualify for Day 2?

In order to qualify for Day 2 for an individual Grand Prix event, your score after the first 8 rounds has to be 18 points or more.

Remember that after the 8 first Rounds of Day 1, there will be a cut and Round 9 will be played on Saturday, right after Round 8.

Day 2 will consist in 6 rounds of Swiss, and a single elimination Top 8