Master Package FAQ

What does the Master Package consist of?

Entry into both the Grand Prix Main Events(as well as the other items included with entry)

An exclusive playmat featuring seasonal Urza’s Tower art by Mark Poole!

 25th Anniv Playmat

Entry into ANY 6 of our eligible Scheduled Constructed Side Events over the weekend

The Grand Prix Fanatic playmat featuring the Mutavault Promo art

What happens at the end of Day 1 of the Friday Grand Prix?

With the Master Package, once the Grand Prix Day 1 is over, you will have to decide what to do:
1- With 18 points or better, continue and play the Day 2, and get 4 extra coupons
2- Play the next Grand Prix.

What if I make Day 2 of the Modern Grand Prix? Do I get anything since I can't play in the Saturday Grand Prix?

Yes! As a Master Package player, if you make Day 2 in the Friday Grand Prix and wish to continue in that event, we will issue 4 additional Scheduled Constructed Side Event coupons. You can collect them from the Customer Service Check-In station at any point once Day 2 has started.

What is the refund policy? What if I miss or don't want to play in the 2nd GP? Do I get a refund?

There are no partial refunds given for the Master Package! If you play in any of the events then you are no longer eligible for a refund for the package. If you pick up your swag, you are no longer eligible for a refund for the package.

If you miss the Grand Prix weekend entirely and do not collect your swag, then we will issue a refund, no problem!

What if I didn't make Day 2 in the Friday Grand Prix and I don't want to play in the Saturday Grand Prix, do I still get the vouchers?

Unfortunately, the vouchers are only for players that made Day 2 of the Friday Grand Prix, and have purchased the Master Package.

Can I double-queue the Grand Prix Main Events?

No. You can only remain active in one event at any given time. What this means is if you check in for Day 1 of the Saturday GP, you are going to be dropped from the other Grand Prix event. You are not considered active in the event until you begin building, so players with byes are not considered active until they check-in for building. 

For example in Richmond, if you check in for Standard, you will be dropped from Day 2 of the Legacy event regardless of record as you cannot be active in both events at once.

What Constructed side events are eligible? 

Any event that is eligible for the Constructed Fanatic package. Basically anything with the Constructed stamp is good to go!


I have other questions not answered here! 

Not a problem! Please submit a ticket and we'll get back to you with an answer!