Constructed Fanatic Package

What is included in the Constructed Fanatic Package?

This package includes the following items:

  • Five (5) vouchers good for any Fanatic-eligible Constructed tournament.
  • Two (2) Turbo-Town Vouchers
  • Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Fanatic Playmat
  • Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Foil Promo Lightning Bolt
  • ChannelFireball Deck Box
  • ChannelFireball Lifepad and Pen

When you register for this package online, your vouchers will be automatically-applied to your account, and you will be able to pay for eligible events using your vouchers as payment. Additional items (including Turbo-Town Vouchers) can be picked up from the Information Booth on-site.

What events are eligible?

The vouchers will allow you to participate in any of the numbered Constructed Events during the weekend, labeled as:

Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3, Standard 4

Modern 1, Modern 2, Modern 3, Modern 4

Legacy 1, Legacy 2, Legacy 3, Legacy 4

Included are also the Double-up Events (one per day), Commander, Constructed Last Chance Trials or any other $20 Constructed Event happening during the weekend.

Fanatic eligibility is also shown in the right-most column on all our side event schedules. Example:

What Events are NOT included in the Constructed Fanatic Package?

Mythic Championship Qualifiers, Grand Prix, other 4+ swiss round events 

Also Non-Constructed events, you can't split them with a Sealed event for example, sorry!

Where can I collect my swag?

You will have to check in at our Customer Service Check-in (Fanatic Package Pickup) to collect your items, located inside the hall of the MagicFest.

We will be ready when doors open every day, and be open until 7PM.

When can I register for the Package? 

You will be able to purchase the package online until Thursday 9PM prior the MagicFest, or on-site (while supplies last*), during the weekend!
So, if online registration is closed, don't worry! Just come to the venue and you can still buy it on-site.

*Please keep in mind there's always a maximum amount of seats before we hit capacity. So we can sell out of these packages if we run out of space! 

Can I split my package with another player?

No. These coupons will include your Full Name and DCI, and are personal and non-transferable. You should be the only one using your coupons.

If I can't use all my Coupons, can I do something with unused ones?

Any unused Constructed Fanatic Coupon can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 30 Prize Tix.

Any unused Limited Fanatic Coupon can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 60 Prize Tix.

Any unused Commander Fanatic Coupon can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 20 Prize Tix.

Once I have my Coupons, how do I register for an Event?

You can do so online at, when you go to the payment selection screen, it'll give you the option to use a voucher. 

It will also tell you (if you're logged in) on the main events screen what events you can redeem a voucher for. This will be shown in a green bar under the details of the event.

If you have paper coupons, in order to register for an event, you just have to drop the coupon into one of the baskets at the Registration stage.

If this article has not answered your question or you require clarification on any of these points, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you!