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How to register for side events

Do I need to sign up for a package to enter side events?

Nope. You can sign up as you go if you only plan on playing a single side event or want a wider mix of events than the packages offer. 

How do I sign up?

You can do so on-site by going to the registration desk, filling out your information and providing payment at that time. Events open registration one hour before they begin and close 10min before they are scheduled to start.

For scheduled events you can also do so online by going to, clicking on the appropriate MagicFest event and then a full listing of open side events will be available for the weekend. For larger side events such as Mythic Championship Qualifiers, they are typically open 1-2 weeks ahead of time, while the rest of the sides open Thursday evening and will close 15min before start time. This is also the best way to pay via card or if you want to skip the line.

Here's an example of the signing up via the website:

Simply click on More Info & Register, fill in your information (Or if you've made an account, it will auto-fill!) and proceed to payment. From there you will have the choice to pay with CC or Debit card. If you also have a valid voucher available, it will then present that as an option as well! Alternatively if you end up not registering or wanting to pay later, it will give the option to cancel. Please note that if you do not complete payment, you can find all the events you attempted to register for under 'My Pending Registrations'.

As always if you have questions or issues signing up for events, please email us at, submit a ticket or if on-site- talk to our CS booth staff. 

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  • 01-Jan-2019