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Fanatic Package General Questions

What is the Fanatic Package?

Want to play at the MagicFest but don't want to commit to just one big tournament like the Grand Prix? Or do you just love your pet deck and want to get those reps in?
Our Fanatic Packages are just the thing! With a Fanatic Package, you can enter multiple events over the course of the MagicFest weekend! 
Fanatic eligible events run all day Friday-Sunday, so you won't be short of games to play! Check out our schedule at

Where can I purchase the Fanatic Package?

Online at
You will be able to purchase the package online until Thursday 9PM prior to the MagicFest (or Wednesday 9PM, in case the MagicFest is a 4 day event). Please note that the purchase of packages is subject to availability* and packages are only available while supplies last. We highly recommend to register early to make sure you have your Fanatic Package guaranteed!

Onsite at the Red Registration Stage, if we still have packages available*. Onsite registration for the Fanatic Packages has an additional cost of $30/25€, so we highly recommend to register online.

 *Please, be aware that we can sell out of the packages due to space considerations and running out of promotional items and may have to close registration sooner than expected. So if you're considering getting a Fanatic Package, we definitely recommend ordering it sooner than later.

If I don't attend, can I get a refund for my package?
Yes! As long as your swag hasn't been picked up and you haven't used an event voucher, we can refund you for the package. Just send us an email at or submit a ticket.

Where can I collect my swag?

You will have to check in at our Customer Service station located at the Green Gathering Point to collect your swag, located inside the hall of the MagicFest.
Please, bring your ID!

We will be ready when doors open every day, and be open until 7PM.

What events are eligible for each package?
There's an FAQ description for each package which goes into detail:




In general though- things like Mythic Qualifiers or special set Sealed events aren't going to be eligible.

What are my items for signing up?

Besides the event vouchers with each package, you will also receive: 

  • Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Fanatic Playmat (Art Promo Path to Exile)
  • Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Foil Promo Path to Exile
  • 5 Magicfest Promo Lands

It says the packages are sold out? Why is there a cap?

While ideally we'd love to provide space to everyone who wants to play, physical venue limitations can prevent us from doing so. So while this won't always be an issue, there are times where we end up out of space and have to close out packages even though they aren't linked to a given event. This is so we can avoid a situation where people have vouchers and want to play in an event, but are locked out due to overselling / event caps. 

Can I split my package with another player?

No. These coupons will include your Full Name and DCI, and are personal and non-transferable. You should be the only one using your coupons.

If I can't use all my vouchers, can I do something with unused ones?

Any unused Constructed Fanatic Voucher can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 60 Prize Tix + MagicFest Promo Land.
Any unused Constructed Fanatic Double-up Voucher can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 60 Prize Tix + Non Foil Path to Exile.

Any unused Limited Fanatic Voucher can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 120 Prize Tix + MagicFest Promo Land.
Any unused Limited Fanatic Double-up Voucher  can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 120 Prize Tix + Non Foil Path to Exile.

Any unused Commander Fanatic Voucher can be exchanged at the Customer Service Check-in for 50 Prize Tix + MagicFest Promo Land.

Once I have my Vouchers, how do I register for an Event?

For 2020 we have brought an improved online registration system for Fanatic Packages for our events! Digital vouchers will be loaded into your personal account once you purchase the Fanatic Package, but side events may only be loaded the Monday prior the MagicFest. 
In order to use your digital vouchers, login into your personal my.cfbevents account first, then choose any available events from your profile or on our registration site Click the link to Register and proceed to the payment page, choosing Register Using Voucher. 

Are you unable to use the digital vouchers to register for an Event?
Don't worry! Wait for the MagicFest to start on Friday morning and head over our Customer Service station located at the Green Gathering Point. Our friendly staff will be able to transfer your digital vouchers into paper.

Once you have them ready, in order to register for an event, you just have to drop the voucher into one of the baskets at the Registration stage. Just double check the tournament info to make sure you're entering the event you want!

For both Online voucher redemption and onsite paper vouchers, remember that registration for Side events close 10 minutes before they start! 

What if I left the venue without using all of my vouchers or prize tix?

Unfortunately we don't give partial refunds, so please try to remember to trade in your vouchers for Prize Tix before you leave so you can get some prizes before you head out. Prize Tix are also linked to their respective MagicFest event, so if you leave without using them, unfortunately you won't be able to exchange them for prizes. Please make sure you double check before leaving the venue!

I have chosen to use paper vouchers but I lost some of them, could you reprint them for me?

Unfortunately, we won't be able to reproduce any number of vouchers if lost. 
Vouchers have a Prize Tix value and therefore, have to be treated as a valuable object, and you should always make sure you keep them somewhere safe and not lose them!

Other Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or submit a ticket.

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