Prize Tix General Questions (2019)

What are Prize Tix?

Prize Tix are these things:

If you've ever been to an arcade and seen the ticket redemption games, it's the same concept. They're the items you initially receive for doing well in side events at MagicFest and can be traded in for assorted prizes over at the Prize Wall and are specifically labeled as eligible at their particular MagicFest event. 

How do I get them?

As stated above, you sign up and participate in a side event and then tickets are given out via record. As an example, for out normal scheduled events these are the ticket payouts:

Scheduled Event Common Prizes:

9 Points (3-0) - 400 Prize Tix
7 Points (2-0-1) - 300 Prize Tix
6 Points (2-1) - 200 Prize Tix
4-5 Points (1-1-1 or 1-0-2) - 110 Prize Tix
3 Points (1-2) - 20 Prize Tix

On every event schedule the prizes will be listed in the prize column.

OK, what can I use them for?

So you can trade in prize tix at the prize wall for items such as booster packs / boxes, playmats, oversized cards, Standard singles and so on. Sometimes we'll have a few other unique items depending on exact inventory. 

What are the prices and full inventory?

Due to the fluctuations in our inventory, we unfortunately cannot always guarantee we'll have the same items in stock at each MagicFest so we don't put out a detailed list ahead of time. Specific tix amounts are similar, especially for things like older booster packs and singles. 

Can I sell Prize Tix?

No. Selling Prize Tix to other parties is strictly prohibited.

Do Prize Tix carryover?

Sadly no, Prize Tix must be used by the end of the MagicFest weekend. They will not be accepted at other events. We apologize for any inconvience. 

Why don't you let us trade these in for store credit?

Unfortunately, offering gifts card or store credit for on the Prize Wall is not currently an option. 

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  • 12-Jul-2019