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Turbo Town

What is Turbo Town?

Turbo Town is our 1v1 sit-n-go tournament style for Constructed. There's a set of tables marked with various formats that you can sit down and play a match of Magic at. There's all the usual suspects of Standard, Legacy, Modern, Pauper, Booster Blitz, etc. however if you can find an opponent, you can play whatever Constructed format you like! Bust out those 93/94 Old School decks, your Premodern, your Brawl (RIP) and go for it!

How do I sign up?

You can purchase a Turbo Town ticket for $5 at the registration desk. After that, head over to the area, sit down and a judge will collect it and OK everything. After that, Prize Tix are set aside and you play your match!

Wait, there are prizes?
Sure are! If you win in one of the Constructed Turbo Matches, you get 40 Prize Tix, if you lose, you get 20 Prize Tix 
(For Events in Canada, only the Winner gets 20 Prize Tix)

Do I get Planeswalker Points?
Unfortunately these aren't part of a given tournament, so you won't receive PWP. Sorry!

You said, Booster Blitz. What is that?

Booster Blitz is a very fast Limited format, and has the following rules:

  • Players open a sealed booster pack and make 4 (four) 3-card decks.
    These decks should be laid out face down on the table
  • Whoever finished deck building first, may start.
    Amongs face down piles
  • Each player starts with their 3 cards in hand and has infinite mana.
    Players can't lose due to being unable to draw
  • Starting life = 5
  • First player to two wins is the round winner
  • 10 minute round

Winner of the Booster Blitz gets 20 Tix

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  • 04-Oct-2019