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Dress Code

Attendee Dress Code – MagicFest/CFB Events
Our show is all-ages and we ask that costumes reflect that idea (think PG-13). We have created the
following guidelines to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, in and out of costume. We are a global company and as a result this policy has been crafted taking into account cultures of all locations where we currently hold MagicFest.

This is a unisex dress code. Clothing requirements are identical for all genders, and size/weight discrimination in dress code will not be tolerated.
- Hate symbols aren’t welcome at MagicFest
- Clothing must not have any vulgar images or language
- Shirt and full coverage bottoms are required for all sexes (shorts/bottoms covering full cheeks), with no exceptions for cosplay in public areas
- Underwear shouldn’t be visible, nor should a costume make you appear that you are wearing no undergarments. Nudity, or the illusion of nudity, is not acceptable
- Footwear must be worn at all times; stocking feet/socks without shoes are not sufficient

Costumes with props should meet our prop guidelines:
Show Staff and security reserve the right to inspect all attendees’ props to ensure that no authentic weapons of any kind are brought onto the convention center property or into the convention center building. By attending the MagicFest, all attendees expressly agree and consent to this inspection and
waive any and all objections. Any and all authentic weapons are strictly prohibited and those found or identified during any such inspection may be confiscated by convention staff and security.

Attendees will be asked to remove any props violating the following:
- No firearms, airsoft weapons, or replicas of guns. No functional bows and arrows. Any prop guns must look like a prop from 50 feet away. This is for your safety and for the safety of our other members.
- No live steel. Live steel is defined as swords, knives, or other objects made of metal, which can take an edge. Dull metal weapons are considered live steel, and therefore are not permitted.
- No metal or wood bats, metal pipes, or long metal chains.
- Any item that is designed or manufactured with the intent to cause bodily injury or death, or any other item that appears dangerous or may pose a risk of harm will not be allowed on the premises. This will be up to the sole discretion of qualified MagicFest staff / security.
- Operating a prop to shoot an object of any material is not allowed at MagicFest

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