Commander Changes for Q3 2019

Increased Commander Experiences at MagicFest!

We’ve received awesome feedback from the Commander Community about what you’d like to see at MagicFest (thanks!), and while the Commander Fanatic Package has been an extremely popular addition, we are always looking for ways to improve.  

  • Set Your Own Prizes! We are adjusting the Commander prize structure to a fixed 50 Tix per player. Your pod is free to rearrange the prize payout however you like or you can keep it fun and casual - it’s up to you!

  • Build Your Own Pod! Have a group of four players that you’d like to play a Commander event with? We’ve got you covered! Bring your group of four Commander players to the Registration Booth and we will launch a Commander event just for your group.

  • Casual Play Space! We will be designating an area of each MagicFest for Casual Play – players will not be asked to vacate these areas unless we absolutely need the tables for an event. Players will be given as much advance notice as possible before being asked to relocate. This will allow more players to easily find casual play opportunities at MagicFests!

We’ve spent the first quarter of the year reviewing processes and combing through feedback from all of you and hope that you are all as excited about these changes and the rest of 2019 as we are - see you at a MagicFest soon!

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  • 12-Apr-2019