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Registering for an event and where to go

Where and how do I register for a side event?

For scheduled events you can sign up either online at or on-site at the registration desk. On-Demand events can only be signed up at the registration desks.

Side event registration usually* closes 10min before start time, so please bare in mind the start time is the actual time pairings will go up for the event! 

*Note certain competitive events such as Mythic Championship Qualifiers and the Mega Last Chance Trial may have different registration closing times. Always check the schedule if you aren't sure.

OK, I signed up online, do I need to do anything before the event?

Once you've signed up you'll just be entered into the tournament, you do not need to do anything further.

I'm registered, where do I go for my event?

There are a number of pillars marked as meeting points scattered across the room and events are assigned to one of these meeting points. Typically what will happen is announcements will be made on the overhead for where event pairings / seatings are going up for a given event. You can also talk to the info desk if you need assistance. Once that happens pairings will continue to go up on that meeting point until the event is over. Please see the pictures and matching descriptions below for more details:

Gathering Points Colors:

Red: On Demand Events

Black or Blue (Depends on the day): Scheduled events

Last Chance Trials are the color not being used

Remember all side events will be associated with a color code for a gathering point.

Who can I speak with if I have a question or issue?

As always you can raise your hand and call for a judge if you have questions or need assistance during a match. At the beginning of each event typically the head judge will make themselves known during their announcements. It's not required, but we would recommend writing the name of your HJ down on your lifepad so you have a reference should you need to find them later. If it's an issue that can be handled later or not necessarily related to your event, you can always go to the info desk and staff will assist you.

What happens at the end of the event? What if I want to split?

Well the good news for splitting at 2-0 is that it's very easy and fast to do now. Once you've completed your match you can take your slip up to the prize station and let them know you plan on taking the 2-0-1 split prize. At that point you'll be given your prize tix and dropped from the event. This way you don't even have to wait until round 3 begins to go through the process. For everyone else playing in the event, once you've finished your final swiss round, head to the prize station with your opponent with the match slip and they'll prize you both out. 

What happens if I miss the start of an event I've registered for?

You can contact us for a refund ( or if you wish to collect your items instead, please talk to customer service. Do note that any late additions to an event are done at the discretion of the Head Judge / Event Manager.

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