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I have signed up for the Grand Prix, now what?

I have signed up for the Grand Prix, now what?

Good choice! If you do not have byes there is no check-in for the events so just make sure you arrive on time. We put up round 1 pairings immediately.

Additionally if it's a Constructed Grand Prix, please make sure you've submitted your decklist before start time. We no longer accept paper decklists* for Grand Prix events and it is important you avoid any late penalties stemming from a missing decklist. 

*Online submissions are only currently available and required for Grand Prix events! Other competitive REL events like Mythic Championship Qualifiers still require paper decklists.

If you have byes, you have a sleep-in special and those specific check-in times are:

1 bye at 9:30AM
2 byes at 10:30AM
3 byes at 11:30AM


1 bye at 9:00 AM with the general player meeting.
2 byes at 10:30AM
3 byes at 11:30AM

If you have byes and don't check-in then you won't get your swag and you may be marked as a no show for the event, which means you'll be dropped from the tournament. 

I'm late to the event and still want to play, who do I speak too?

Go to the main event scorekeeper and let them know what's going on. They are the ones who are going to get you re-added into the tournament if you missed a round and have been dropped.

If you miss the Grand Prix entirely and just want a refund and signed up online instead then you can just contact us ( for a refund, if you signed up on-site then please speak to the MagicFest customer service desk.

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