Grand Prix - Byes

How can I check how many byes I have for a Grand Prix?

We will post a registered players list with byes the Thursday at 8PM local time prior the Grand Prix.

As a reminder, you can check how many byes you will have by accessing your Planeswalker Points account at

Enter your DCI number, Click on Yearly, and depending on the total points on the two most recent yearly seasons, you will earn byes for the Event.

Having a total of 1300 or above in any of the two most recent yearly seasons will grant you 1 bye

Having a total of 2250 or above in any of the two most recent yearly seasons will grant you 2 byes.

Please note that Team GP's currently do not feature byes of any kind

When do points for byes cut off?

The cut for byes will be done the Wednesday before the event. Any points won on that Wednesday or later, will not modify the number of byes for the Grand Prix.

Can I get byes besides Pro Club or Planeswalker Points?

You can still earn 2 byes by winning any of the Last Chance Trials on the Friday of the MagicFest!

If I have byes, when do I have to show up?

If you have byes, you have a Sleep in Special.
You need to show up at these times:

1 bye at 10AM
2 byes at 11AM
3 byes at 12:00


1 bye at 9:30AM
2 byes at 10:30AM
3 byes at 11:30AM

The time disparity is because you will need to make sure you have built your deck and submitted before your entry round begins. You are responsible to get to the venue in time for your round or for the construction of your deck.

For Limited head over the Sleep in Special Check-In Area to build your deck. This area will be open around 9:30 AM. Be aware if you arrive early, you may be delayed as we may not be able to assist you until the stated time. 

I checked your byes list and I have none! That's wrong!

Oh no! Please contact us at or submit a ticket and we'll look into it. If you're already on-site, then you can talk to customer service.