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Mythic Championship Last Chance Qualifiers Barcelona

In MagicFest Barcelona, we will be running some Mythic Championship Last Chance Qualifiers during Thursday the 25th.

These events will be run as 64 players single elimination flights, from 12:00 until 16:00 with a maximum of 8 Flights (we will only be able to grand 8 invitations to the MC)

At the start of every round of the LCQs, the Main Deck will be swaped with each opponent for review. This review will be a 2 minutes review. It will not include the Sideboard.

Winners of each LCQ must play the same Deck in the Mythic Championship.

More info:

My opponent plays some cards in a language I cannot read, can I request Oracle text?

Yes (like MC London)

Will I get additional time for this request?

Yes (like MC London)

Can I take notes during the review period?

No (like MC London). Notes can be taken once (1) the review period has ended. and (2) the deck has been given back to its owner

Can I sort my opp's deck?

Yes, but you're not eligible to additional time.

Can I ask my opponent how many copies of a card they play?

Yes, but they don't have to reply. However they cannot lie about it

What if the opponent chose to reply and say something wrong?

If the judge believes the opponent intentionally answered wrongly, this is Cheating. Otherwise there is no penalty, though a note will be taken by the judge.