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What is the Command Zone?

Starting with MagicFest Vegas we were happy to introduce the Command Zone as an addition to many of our future MagicFest event lineups. 

What is the Command Zone?

The Command Zone is a sectioned off space for Commander play over the entire weekend of the MagicFest. This also means things like assigned judges to a general space are a feasible option along with other positives.

Is there anything besides access to play space for buying the Command Zone pass?

Yes! The package includes:

  • 3 Days access to the Command Zone
  • 3 On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers
  • FOIL Sol Ring Promo!
  • Deck box

That's right, you get a FOIL Soil Ring promo just for signing up.

We will also have single day passes available with a non-foil Sol Ring. These will be available on-site as long as supplies last.

How do I purchase entry?

Go to the respective MagicFest event on and under 'Package' the 3-Day Command Zone pass will be available. 

How do I check-in?

Please go to the check-in booth with your ID + DCI # and they'll take care of it.

What about signing up for any Commander Events? Or buying a pass on-site?

There will be a reg location setup near / in the Command Zone that can take care of anything else related to Commander events.

If you have additional questions or one that isn't covered here, please contact us at or submit a ticket!

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