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What is the CommandFest?

What is the CommandFest?

  • A full, weekend-long event dedicated to one of the best ways to play Magic: Commander

  • Special guests, Quests, unique events, awesome swag and a chance to gather with Magic players from around the world. 

  • Planechase, Brawl, Oathbreaker, Battlebond, 2 Headed Giant & More!

Please note this is a badged event and there will be no entry without a pass. Other tournament entries do not waive this, if you do not have a pass, you won't be allowed into the hall. 

What do I get for signing up besides play space?

For the full weekend CommandFest pass (Purchase here) you'll receive: 

  • Access to the event and Command Zone for all three days

  • Foil Sol Ring Promo

  • 3 On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers

Can I just stop by for a day? Or do I have to buy the entire weekend pass?

Not a problem! We will be selling single day passes. They'll come with:

  • Access to the event and Command Zone for a full day

  • Non Foil Sol Ring Promo

  • ‚Äč1 On-Demand Commander Event Voucher

Once again, please note that there will be no entry without a pass

I'm looking to play with some new people, how do I find groups to play with?

Certainly we encourage people to branch out and talk with each other, but if you want to shake things up or not deal with the hassle, we'll be taking care of matchmaking for you! Every 20 minutes we will pod everyone that meets at the Casual/Competitive gathering points.  

For those more competitively inclined, we'll be offering Commander ODE's in two queues as well!

$10 to enter (or use of a voucher)
Competitive - 120 tix to the winner, 20 tix everyone else
Casual - 60 tix to the winner, 40 to everyone else

Any other events going on?

Certainly! We'll be offering Commander variant mini tournaments the entire weekend as well as On-Demand Battlebond Draft. 

You can see the full set of offerings with prices and times here-

If you have additional questions or one that isn't covered here, please contact us at or submit a ticket!

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  • 17-Nov-2019