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Command Zone

What is the Command Zone? 

Want to play Commander at the MagicFest but don't want to commit to specific tournaments? Or do you just love your pet deck and want to get those reps in? The Command Zone presents a dedicated play space for Commander players along with other goodies.

What is included with the Command Zone? 

A 3-Day pass includes:

  • 3 Days access to the Command Zone
  • 3 On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers
  • FOIL Sol Ring Promo!
  • Deck box

Single day passes will also be available on-site:

  • 1 Day access to the Command Zone
  • 1 On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers
  • Non-Foil Sol Ring Promo
  • Deck box

What does it cost?

Registration for the 3-Day pass is $80.00USD, onsite price would be $25 more.

Single day passes are also available at $40.00USD

Where can I purchase the Command Zone pass?

Online at
You will be able to purchase the package online until Friday 10AM prior to the MagicFest (or Thursday 10AM, in case the MagicFest is a 4 day event). Please note that the purchase of passes is subject to availability and only available while space & supplies last. We highly recommend to register early to make sure you have your pass guaranteed!

What about the Commander On-Demands? Can I play in those?

While our 3-Day pass comes with 3 Commander ODE vouchers, for those inclined to want additional tournament play or play with additional prizes on the line, we do have an add-on to fulfill those needs. 

There's an On-Demand Add-On ($70.00USD) for all Command Zone passes which comes with-
  • 9 Commander On-Demand Event Vouchers
  • Exclusive 2020 MagicFest Fanatic Path to Exile Playmat
  • Exclusive 2020 MagicFest Foil Path to Exile Promo
  • Deck Box
  • Set of 5 2020 MagicFest Foil Basic Land Promos

Where can I collect my Command Zone pass and my swag?

You will have to check in at our Customer Service station at the Green Gathering poiint to collect your items, located inside the hall of the MagicFest. Please, bring your ID! We will be ready when doors open every day, and be open until 7PM.

How do I register for Events?

Your vouchers will now be digital and can be used to register to our Commander on demand events. 
Starting on Friday morning, you will be able to Login into your personal my.cfbe account, and choose any available events of the day from your profile

Click the link to register and proceed to the payment page, choosing Register Using Voucher. Once done, head over the Command Zone desk to get a buzzer and get ready to play! 

If you are unable to use any of your digital vouchers, don't worry! Go to our Command Zone desk and ask our staff to print you the vouchers!

Can I bring a +1 or split my pass?

No. These passes include your Full Name and DCI, and are personal and non-transferable. We will only allow players with passes into the CZ.

Other Questions

If this article has not answered your question or you require clarification on any of these points, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you!

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