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Sealed League

Sealed League Basics-

Entry is €35, Sealed, 3 rounds - Play Sealed on your schedule! We will fire new deck construction / registration every 20min and you can play matches whenever while the Sealed League area is open. 

80 tix per win and when you compete your league you'll recieve an additional 20 tix (So a max payout would be 260 tix)


The Details

Sealed Leagues are our replacement for regular Sealed events. Enter and join the next build session which fire every 20 min and cross register your pool. After that you can play games on your time! This way you can better work games into your schedule and especially so it doesn't cross over with another event, which was a common complaint we had about our current Sealed schedule. This allows you to not only better bridge the time between your rounds, but you can even finish a round on a different day as needed! 

Pool registration and matchmaking start every 20 minutes at the Sealed League area. Have an opponent already? No need to wait for matchmaking, just meet at the Sealed League area with your opponent and see a judge to start playing (ala turbo town) . 

When you sign up you'll be able to play 3 matches @ 80 tix per win and when you compete your league you'll recieve an additional 20 tix. Want to play more matches with your same pool when you're done? Buy three additional matches for ‎€20, or register for Sealed League (€35) again for a new pool. 

This event is currently starting at MagicFest Copenhagen.

If you have additional questions not covered here, please submit a ticket (top right corner of screen) or contact us at! 

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  • 08-Mar-2020