Main Event - Registration and Refunds

I want to sign my up for this event. How can I do so?

On each of the Grand Prix websites we host, there will be a link to registration. Here is our GP Hub for the rest of the year. You can also see our next 4-5 events coming up with available online registration by visiting On you'll also see online registration by clicking on the GP you wish to visit. 

Here's an example, if I were to click on the GP Sacramento Main Event.

Great! I also want to sign my friend up for this event. Is that OK, and how can I do so?

Of course!

We understand that not everyone uses credit cards or PayPal, and we also know it can be fun to purchase GP registration as a gift for someone else as well. Just sign up using their name and DCI number (remember to get theirs!) and then fill in your own information when it comes time to process your payment.

I filled out my name/my DCI number/something else incorrectly when I registered. What should I do?

It’s no problem at all. Simply Submit a Ticket with the corrections and we’ll make those on our end.

Something came up, and I need to cancel my registration. How can I do that?

We’re always sorry to hear that, but we know other things can take priority. Submit a Ticket to request a refund.

Is on-site registration available?

We offer on-site registration on Friday at our Grand Prix events during normal hall hours, but online registration is your best bet. There is no Saturday registration for Grand Prix events, on-site or otherwise, so make sure you sign up on or before the Friday of the event!
Registration for the Main Event closes onsite and online at 9PM local time on Friday prior the GP

If I register but can’t/don’t attend, can I still get the goodies that come with my registration? If not, can I buy those items from you?

No, we can only give those goodies to players who register for and attend the event. If you can’t attend, please Submit a ticket to request a refund.

I registered, and thought I was going to attend but something came up. Can I swap my registration with one of my friends?
If the event has reached the cap, we won't allow any swaps under any circumstances,  with no exceptions. You will still be elegible for a refund, so please Submit a Ticket to request it!