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Event Refunds

What is your refund policy?

Our policy is to always offer a refund if you do not attend the event.

This applies to all events, not just the Grand Prix.
To ask for the refund, just Submit a Ticket, let us know which event you played in (via dropdown or in the body of the ticket), how you paid (paypal, credit card) and we will take care of your refund. If you email instead of submitting a ticket, please include your full name, DCI and the event. We want to get you taken care of ASAP so by including this, we can easily locate and verify the entry, then we can process the refund. 

I registered, and thought I was going to attend, but I missed the event. Can I get my registration package goodies?

We can’t ship registration items to players who miss the event. If you registered but weren’t able to make it to the event, and could not collect your swag onsite, Submit a Ticket to request a refund.

I registered, and thought I was going to attend but something came up. Can I swap my registration with one of my friends?
Under most circumstances we simply refund entries as it can create some awkward circumstances otherwise. For team events we are much more open to swapping members as to ensure all team members can play in the event. However for normal events once an event has reached its cap, we won't allow any player swaps, no exceptions. You will still be eligible for a refund if you cannot attend, so please Submit a Ticket to request it!

I registered, but arrived late to the event so I could not participate, can I get my swag instead of a refund?

Yes. Head over the Customer Service/Prize wall station, show us your ID and ask for your goodies!

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  • 30-Nov-2019